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Blackhawk Down


Johnhancoff, the Traitarous Son of a B*tch

This message is directly to Coff, only Coff. I am not offending ALL of the SW members. I want Coff, he is mine.

Sergie’s Nice Message To Coff

Before I start, F*ck you. F*ck you to hell. F*ck you to the motherf*cking land of the traitors. I hope you rot in hell you f*cking son of a b*tch. This so called Coff is the biggest do*cebag I ever seen. He joins an army, does anything possible to become leader then quits after 3 days. Or when he is leader he thinks he is so badass so he fires me for making fun jokes on chat. If Coff thinks jokes are bad, does that mean he is a f*cker? Yes! I hope you go to hell Coff, I hope God kills you RIGHT NOW. You are like the biggest douc*bag I have ever met. First he is friends with me now he takes one thing and fires me for the dumbest reason ever! F*ck you! F*ck you more! F*ck you, you f*cking dumbf*ck! Go to f*cking hell.

Have A Nice Holiday

Yob’s edit: Esh I think sergie just shoved his foot up Coffs anus… I hope he put sand paper on his shoe….Just saying.

WWFF, ST vs. Salsa

Yo! Jel in da house! Well, it seems Thursday night Time689 came to our chat and wanted us to fight his army, Salsa at the Ice Berg. I guess he wants revenge after we crushed his army at Parka. After we totally wipe out Salsa’s existence I think we should move on and destroy the other armies. After them, we should go and fight IW (not for a reason, because we don’t hate IW. Just to shake it up a bit!). But our main goal is to destroy Salsa! But I read on their post on their site they will use bots! How unfair. Another reason to destroy them……

In other news, the options for our Death Match for us to be a Major Army will either be against ACP, Nachos or UMA. RPF, IW and WW are busy. I think we should fight UMA. We will see is UMA’s schedule is open. Also, I heard Coff say that UPA is going to try and invade Parka. I don’t know if he said this out of anger when all the troops made fun of him on chat which you won’t do anymore, read the post below, or if this is serious. I want troops to patrol Parka and other servers in case it’s a secret invasion. If this is true and war breaks out we will get the other armies here to beat the snot out of them. Log said Coff was probably lying. Parka belongs to UPA anyway since CPAF is UPA now! Ha ha ha! Wow Coff.



This is a map of Summit, the location of WWFF.


Black = RPF

Blue = IW

Green = ACP

Orange = WW

Red = UMA

Yellow = Nachos

White = Availible to other armies

  • Boiler Room – USCP, MTCP
  • Cave – USCP, IFA, IMAF
  • Dojo – MCP
  • Dojo Courtyard – MCP, CPP
  • Iceberg – PACP, EPFS, Kingsofclubpenguin
  • Mine – UACP
  • Mine Shack – Brown Banditos, Chowchamps
  • Ninja Hideout – SACP


4:00 PST

5:00 MST

6:00 CST

7:00 EST

Location: Summit, USRPF Territory, Everywhere

Sides: Anybody who shows up Vs. Anybody who shows up

Reason: To Have A War

Invited: Everybody, Every Army


Commando’s edit: Woah I didnt think we were involved in this.Lol funny thing happend in school today….Anyways,we’ll crush those Salsa.And they only have like 3 or 2 active people!And if they ever have anymore,its just random people who didnt even join Salsa who hate ST.Anyway,they may be using bots I dont know.Also,great job on the pages Jel we really like them!I cant wait to own Salsa and show them to never mess with us and Parka.So be ready for the war.

Comment Contest 3

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.30.25 PM



Hey guys its Apo.  Its time for another comment contest!  This one is special.  Its the same rules as the other 2 we’ve had.  But, the winner will recieve an ULTRA RARE penguin.  This penguin is over 3 years old.  It is of course a non-member account.  It has alot of clothes and rare items.  So comment now to have a chance to win!

Apocolypse66 Shadow Troops Co Leader

Tournament Soon

Ok troops we still have a tourny this Saturday.Heres all the info you will need.

Server:Southern Lights.

Time: 3:00 Penguin time or 6:00 Penguin time.

Against:BB or RR.

Why: Tourny

Day: Saturday.

Ok I hope most of you make it.We will recruit for a while then head over to the war tomorrow.I want you to recruit at Southern Lights Town even if I’m not there and do it for a while then start to head over to the war.Yeah I think I can make it.

Super Blip is Not Fired

Guys,me and Gnrls talked well kinda were giving him 1 more chance.So stop asking if you can run for co leader.Blip isnt fired and stop saying stuff about him guys.Were giving him 1 more chance to be active.If no we make a poll or me,Gnrls and Apo decide who.Blip joined MRS like before he joined us.And he quit CPAF to be back with us. They just kept his rank up there. Please dont be mad at me.

Super Blips a Traitor

Hey its Apo.  I am writing this post to talk about Super Blip.  He is currently the other Co Leader of Shadow Troops.  We have recently found out that he is a traitor.  He betrayed us and went and joined MRS.  MRS is such a noob army.  They only have like 5 troops.  So Commando, Gnrls and I will have a meeting about what our next step should be.  And also, who should the new Co Leader be.  Just to be sure that we select a good Co Leader, their won’t be a poll this time, since the last one turned out to be a disaster.  So all high ranked Shadow Troops, you all have a chance to become the new Co Leader.  But you have to prove your worthiness first.

Apocolypse66 Shadow Troops Co Leader

P.S:You must be at least an Admiral to have a chance at the spot.

Don’t be a noob, Don’t act like a noob

Oh my gosh! People stop saying “I am the Shadow Troops leader” because none of you except Coff and I. I am getting tired of going to Mammoth with some idiot who has no experience leading with the intentions claiming he is the leader! Go get a life. This is what one of them said, “I made Shadow Troops yesterday”. Yesterday, what the hell? The Shadow Troops were made months ago, so all you noobs in Mammoth that claim their leader, go get a life and shut up. Anyone who I found out claims their a rank they are not, Coff will purposely come to your house and make you watch him do naughty things to your sister.

Merge Declined!

Coff made an inquisition for an army to merge with the Shadow Troops. He thought it would be a good chance for us to become more well known, but Commando declined the idea. He didn’t want to let the troops down because most of them will most likely get lower ranks if the merge happened. Thats all the news for now. I almost forgot, the Shadow Troops own the server Snowbound now. We also invaded Mammoth to clear out the noob armies that were in it. Thats all for now.

– Apocolypse66 Shadow Troops Co Leader

Snowbound is Ours

The Fire Warriors decided not to go on Thermal anymore because we own it. Also about 30 troops and I just invaded Snowbound off the Fire Warriors. Their only server left is Toboggan! Now, do not invade on your own, I will tell you when. Since RBAA also own it, but their neutral with the Fire Warriors, I am just going to ask Person1233 to take away the Fire Warrior’s share of it. The Fire Warriors are going to fall pretty soon. He also tried to stop the invasion, we owned his army. Any soldiers at the invasion will receive a promotion.

M 4444


Canada Goose



Bandit Boys