Shadow Troops are shut down, things just aren’t working out anymore. Thank you to anyone who contributed to this generation, we hit 30+ on multiple occasions.

Leaders recommend you go and join AR.

The New Plan

Hello Shadow Troops, this is a rough start for us. We are an army that is expected to die quick, but an army do be big quick…. Recently we had an event Sunday and maxed 27! Then Monday we maxed 16! Tuesday, we did not even attempt to log on due to less than 20 sizes. However I am now introducing the The New Plan. We will ignore those expectations and just continue as a steady pacing army through this era. I will do whatever it takes to keep us alive. Our army will not be huge right away, but I can assure that it will NOT die right away either. I expect from this moment forward to bring your conversations to the ST chat. Bring new members to the ST chat. Make penguins to recruit on Club Penguin. We should all have jobs at this point whether it be greeting new troops, recruiting new troops, or just keeping the chat interesting. I promise to you, the Shadow Troops will live and will prosper through patience and determination. 

Addition of the Hall of Fame

Me and 2 other legends agreed to adding a H.O.F. to the legend page, as there has been tons of troops who contributed a lot to shape the army’s history, but have not achieved a lot to be considered a “Legend”. The new hall of fame will be included in the Legends page.

Introducing the new Hall of Fame:

Hall of Fame

This is for people who have contributed a lot to the army to preserve it’s rich history, but hasn’t achieved enough to be considered a legend.


[ Description to be added ]

~S Cargo2 ST Legend


To the owners and moderators in the army.  Start being active. I shouldn’t even need to make this post on this but, I have to so I will. 

If troops continue to not attend events they will get a warning then demotion. If you don’t have time to attend events, then you should not be occupying high ranks in our army. It’s a shame how NEW recruits are more active than some of you right now.

Let this be a warning to everyone, Get right or get gone.

_//:The Shadow Command:\\_

Shadow Team Club Penguin

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shadow penguins

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For the full chat, click -> here



Shadow Troops vs ACP



7 pm EST

6 pm CST

5 pm MST

4 pm PST

12 am GMT




Shadow Troops vs Water Vikings



4 pm EST

3 pm CST

2 pm MST

1 pm PST

9 pm GMT

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~Shadow Command~

[UK] Winter League round 1 – results

Hello troops, today we logged on to fight the star wars army but they didn’t even show up so we won easily. We advance to the next round!

We maxed 27+ and averaged 25

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Today we had a training on Iceland and it went alright. We were expecting 20-25 sizes, but only received a max of 18, with an average of 16. This isn’t “terrible” though. However we are needing sizes of 20-25 for tomorrow’s event against the Elites, and 25-30 for the event against the Star Wars Army. So please be sure to make those events. Also regarding tactic performance we were very slow at first, but we were able to make our way throughout the event doing pretty decent. 

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Recruiting Event on Flurry

Hello Shadows, great job on day two of the year of the Shadow! Today we logged onto Flurry (a 3 bar) and decided to recruit some new troops. We are already seeing some new faces in the army. We maxed 24 but sizes quickly fell and we averaged 18. We had a fabulous chat size of 31. Troops please log on for events! It benefits the entire army when you do. Otherwise great work and we are all very proud. Don’t forget to attend tomorrows events and welcome your new comrades!

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